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Types of Water Filters in Australia and Tips for Usage

17, Nov 2023

Water is the source of life. We require pure water for drinking. For every aspect of our daily life, we need clear and pure water. It’s imperative to eliminate the harmful pollutants from our daily water use. Water filters in Australia are essential for a variety of reasons.

You can find pitcher filters, faucet filters, under-sink filters, and whole-house systems. Whatever filter you choose, ensure it meets your needs, whether for removing contaminants or improving taste. Also be aware of maintenance and replacement costs.

To find the best water filters in Australia, you can search the different types available and choose the one that suits your needs. It helps to know the different types of filters as discussed below:

Pitcher Filters:

These are easy-to-use, affordable, and portable water filters in Australia. Mainly one or two stage filters that filter the water down to 1 micron or 0.5 micron.


Pitcher filters change the filter cartridge regularly following the manufacturer’s recommendation. They keep the pitcher and its parts clean to prevent fungi or bacteria growth. Plus, these store the pitcher in the refrigerator for cold and refreshing water.

Faucet Filters:

These attach directly to your faucet. It filters water as it flows out. Similarly goes down to 1 micron to improve taste and clarity.


These are common polypropylene based filters. Filter usually needs to be replaced every 3-4 months for best experience and to prevent clogs.

Under-Sink Filters:

These filters are installed beneath kitchen sink. These provide water from a separate tap.  They are usually a 3 stage filtration, including one carbon block cartridge.


Under-Sink Filters has a professional plumber install the system to ensure it’s set up correctly and to Australian standards. For best experience filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain water quality.  6 monthly replacement plans give best performance and taste.

Whole-House Systems:

They filter incoming water, which feeds into the whole house.  Mainly 3 or 4 stage filtration systems and normally utilise Big Blue cartridges.

Usage :

Whole-House Systems require professional installation to integrate the system into your plumbing correctly. They need to be replaced regularly and change outs are usually simple and easy to be replaced ongoing by the system owner. These are considered pre-filters for improving water quality at homes that use rain water or rely on well water at remote areas.

Replacement Filters:

These are replacement cartridges for different water filters in Australia to maintain water quality.


Replacement cartridges need to be compatible with your specific filtration setup.

Ensure you choose the type that best suits your specific filtration needs and budget. Also consider filters with more effective ratings, for example 5 micron, 1 micron, carbon block, etc…

Remember that water quality can differ across the country, so selecting a filter that addresses your requirements is essential – removing contaminants, improving drinking water taste, or disinfecting water for regular use. Daily maintenance and adherence to filter replacement schedules is crucial for optimal performance.

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