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Vent Filters Australia

Vent Filters in Australia

Vent Filters in Australia

Vent filters are used to remove dust, pollen, and other particulate matter from the air, and are placed on top tanks or in compressed air lines. They are typically made of pleated hydrophobic membranes. The membrane is typically rated as 0.2 microns, which produces sterile air.

Vent filters are used in a variety of applications, including:

On top of Tanks: The filter ensures that the air exchange into and out of the tank is being filtered to avoid contamination from environment entering the tank (water tank, product storage tank, etc.).

Compressed Air Lines: Ensuring that compressed air lines feeding into a production line are producing sterile air by having a filter installed at the point of use.  This prevents contaminated air from affecting a sterile or clean product.

Fermentation Vessels/Tanks: Fermentation vessels require air exchange (into and out of) the tank.  If the air going into the tank has the slightest contaminant from the environment, the whole fermentation run fails and needs to be repeated.  Vent filters prevent any possible contamination of this process by ensuring sterile air goes into the tank.

Here are some of the benefits of using vent filters:

Reduce costs: By preventing any possible contamination in fermentation runs, etc…

Improve Product Quality: Ensuring Large water tanks in manufacturing sites are kept clean and producing the high quality water expected for manufacturing in food and beverage company or a pharmaceutical company.

CoPure offers a wide range of vent filters from smallest (Syringe Filter size) to larger Capsule and Cartridge filters.  To learn more about vent filters from CoPure, contact us today.