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29 Apr, 2024 copureadmin

Filtering Excellence Down Under: High Flow Filter Cartridges...

In the bustling landscape of Australian industries, where efficiency and reliability reign supreme, one innovation stands tall: Cobetter's High Flow...

24 Apr, 2024 copureadmin

Filtering Solutions Down Under: Unveiling the Power of...

In the heart of Australia's vibrant filtration industry, a silent hero emerges: COBETTER Hydrophobic Polypropylene Disc Membrane Filters. As the...

17 Apr, 2024 copureadmin

Enhancing Biopharmaceutical Processes with Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer: A...

In the intricate landscape of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, where single-use solutions are paramount, the Lifemeta™ Tube Sealer emerges as a game-changer....

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Biopharmaceutical Single Use Solutions

Sterile and non Sterile Capsule Filters from Pre-filters to Sterilizing grade filters. All certified to FDA and USP Global standards

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Certitest™20 Integrity Tester

New Generation of Integrity Testing at it's finest

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