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Revolutionizing Filtration: Cobetter’s SP-Series Composite Fiber Depth Filters

6, Jun 2024

In the dynamic landscape of biotechnology, where cell culture processes evolve continuously, the demand for efficient filtration solutions has never been greater. With higher expression levels of target proteins and increased cell densities, traditional depth filters face significant challenges in impurity removal and throughput capacity. Enter Cobetter’s innovative SP-Series Composite Fiber Depth Filters, poised to redefine the standards of filtration efficiency and performance.

Challenges with Traditional Depth Filtration

Traditional depth filtration, reliant on natural diatomite as the filter medium, struggles to keep pace with the escalating impurity content in cell fermentations. These filters exhibit limited throughput capacity and often necessitate extensive washing to mitigate leaching and precipitation concerns. As the biotechnology industry advances, the shortcomings of traditional filters become increasingly pronounced, prompting the need for a transformative solution.

Introducing Cobetter’s SP-Series Depth Filters

In response to market demands and technological advancements, Cobetter introduces the SP-Series Depth Filters, a paradigm shift in filtration technology. These filters leverage composite fibre materials to construct a robust three-dimensional framework, eliminating β-glucan interference commonly encountered with traditional filters. Synthetic silica serves as the filter aid, enhancing internal surface area and dirt-holding capacity, while ensuring superior mechanical properties and minimized leaching.

Advantages of Cobetter’s SP-Series Depth Filters

Lower WFI Rinsing Requirements, the SP-Series requires low flush volumes, with a minimum of 50L/m2. This reduction in rinsing requirements translates to operational efficiency.

Higher Throughput Capacity: Empirical data demonstrates the superior performance of SP-Series filters, particularly in processing solutions with high cell densities and turbidity levels. With a CHO cell-expressed monoclonal antibody product as a benchmark, the SP-Series filters showcase unmatched throughput capacity and clarification performance.

A New Era of Filtration Excellence

Cobetter’s SP-Series Composite Fiber Depth Filters herald a new era of filtration excellence in the biotechnology industry. With enhanced impurity removal capabilities, superior throughput capacity, and reduced rinsing requirements, these filters empower bioprocess engineers to optimize production processes and achieve unparalleled levels of purity and efficiency. Embrace the future of filtration with Cobetter’s SP-Series, where innovation meets reliability to redefine industry standards.