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Advancing High-Concentration Formulations: Ultrafiltration’s Vital Role

13, Feb 2024


In contemporary drug development, high-concentration formulations, defined by antibody concentrations surpassing 100mg/ml, stand as pivotal solutions, particularly in subcutaneous injections. With nearly 80% of FDA-approved monoclonal antibody products falling into this category, the demand for high-concentration formulations are burgeoning within the biological industry.

Advantages and Challenges


High-concentration formulations offer conspicuous advantages, notably in subcutaneous injections where volume constraints necessitate concentrated solutions to deliver therapeutic doses effectively.


However, alongside these advantages come inherent challenges. These include heightened viscosity, volume exclusion issues, the Donnan effect, and complexities in system hardware design.

Addressing Challenges with Cobetter’s Solutions

Cobetter’s innovative structural designs in conventional screen ultrafiltration TFF cassettes present significant breakthroughs in overcoming these challenges, especially in the production of high-concentration formulations.

Case Studies

Case 1: Lab-scale Monoclonal Antibody Product

Initial Solution Concentration: 18g/L

Inlet Flow Rate: 550ml/min

Despite viscosity increases, meticulous pressure adjustments and buffer flushing ensured a remarkable 98% sample recovery.

Case 2: Lab-scale Monoclonal Antibody Product

Initial Solution Concentration: 21g/L

Inlet Flow Rate: 55ml/min

With adept pressure management, the desired concentration factor was achieved with 95% sample recovery. Efficient cleaning with 0.1M NaOH further streamlined the process.

Case 3: Pilot-scale Monoclonal Antibody Product

Initial Solution Concentration: 14g/L

Inlet Flow Rate: 699ml/min

Despite scale-up challenges, a commendable 93% sample recovery was attained through meticulous buffer flushing and cleaning with 0.1M NaOH, ensuring optimal flux recovery.


In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceuticals, Cobetter remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, continuously enhancing products to deliver high-quality solutions that not only reduce costs but also enhance safety and efficiency in drug production.

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