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Adenovirus (Adv26) Clarification – Cobetter® Depth Filtration Product Application

15, Mar 2024

Adenovirus (ADV) is a fascinating non-enveloped linear double-stranded DNA virus, measuring approximately 90-100 nm in diameter. Its versatility allows it to infect a wide range of cells and tissues. ADV serves as a crucial vector for delivering related proteins or antigens, playing a pivotal role in the development and commercial production of COVID-19 vector vaccines. Additionally, it finds application as a vaccine against various tumor-related antigens.

The Challenge: Clarifying Adv26 Harvest Liquid

When ADV is cultured in HEK293 cells, it is eventually released from the cells after lysis. However, this process results in a significant release of DNA into the supernatant. To ensure downstream purification success, the virus harvest liquid must undergo clarification and filtration. This report sheds light on the successful application of Cobetter Depth Filtration products for precisely this purpose.

Experimental Conditions

To achieve effective clarification and filtration, we employed Cobetter’s depth filtration product code 0140PC (23cm², 0.04-9μm). The culture medium contained an initial cell density of 1×10⁶ cells/ml and 6.67×10⁶ cells/ml. Under controlled conditions, the materials were lysed, and the inlet flow rate was maintained at 100-150LMH for P-max filtration. The final operating pressure was carefully controlled at 1.0 bar, ensuring that the mixed turbidity of the filtrate remained within 100NTU.

Cobetter® Depth Filtration

Experimental Results

The 0140PC depth filter, with its double-layer pore size of 0.04-0.2μm/4-9μm and positive charged grade, demonstrated remarkable performance. It exhibited excellent load capacity and achieved a high virus recovery rate against adenovirus Adv26. This successful application underscores the effectiveness of Cobetter Depth Filtration products in addressing the challenges posed by ADV harvest liquid clarification.

In summary, Cobetter’s depth filtration solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the purity and quality of Adv26 harvest liquid, contributing to the success of downstream purification processes. As we continue to explore innovative filtration technologies, Cobetter remains committed to advancing bioprocessing efficiency and safety.