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Why Are PES Membrane Filters Necessary For Lab Filtration In Australia?

4, Jun 2023

Lab filtration is a crucial process in research and development, and quality control in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, biotechnology, and environmental sciences.  Filtration involves separating particles, microbes, or unwanted substances from a liquid or gas sample to obtain a purified solution or extract. Lab filters are essential tools for achieving this goal, and PES membrane filters are very popular for their unique features.

PES or (Poly Ether Sulfone) membrane filters are made of a hydrophilic polymer that provides excellent filtration performance for a broad range of applications. PES filters have several advantages for Lab Filtration. Here are some reasons why PES membrane filters are necessary for lab filtration in Australia.

High flow rates

PES filters have a uniform and symmetric pore structure that allows for fast filtration rates, reducing the time and cost of lab procedures.  PES filters are highly hydrophilic, making them ideal for use with low pressures and applications where a high flow rate is needed, such as sample preparation for chromatography, sterilization of media and buffers, and particle removal from aqueous solutions.

Low protein binding

PES filters have a low affinity for proteins and other biomolecules, minimizing the risk of sample loss or denaturation. This feature is especially critical for applications such as protein purification, cell culture, and bioprocessing, where protein adsorption can lead to decreased recovery or lower yields.  By using PES filters, researchers can achieve high yields and maintain the integrity of their samples.

Compatibility with a wide range of chemicals

PES filters have excellent chemical resistance to the full pH range 1-14. This versatility makes them suitable for a broad range of the general lab applications.

Most importantly PES filters are compatible with a wide range of sterilization methods, such as autoclaving, gamma irradiation, and chemical disinfection, making them a reliable choice for sterile filtration.

Consistent performance and reproducibility

PES filters have a high level of consistency and reproducibility, ensuring reliable results and reducing the risk of experimental variability.  PES filters are manufactured using advanced technologies that ensure a uniform pore size distribution and a high level of lot-to-lot consistency.  This feature is particularly important for quality control and analytical testing, where accuracy and precision are critical.

Easy handling and disposal

PES Syringe filters are easy to handle and dispose of, making them an ideal choice for busy labs that need to process large volumes of samples quickly.  PES filters are available in various formats, such as syringe filters, disc filters, and filter capsules, allowing researchers to choose the most appropriate option for their application. PES filters are also environmentally friendly, as they are made of non-toxic materials and can be disposed of safely.

PES membrane filters are an essential part of any lab in Australia due to their superior characteristics, including high flow rates, high throughput, low protein binding, compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and consistent performance. PES filters are the preferred choice for many lab applications, and their versatility and reliability make them a valuable tool for researchers and scientists in various fields.

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