Vendart is now Copure - Copure

Vendart is now Copure

1, Sep 2023

Do you know what brings the taste of ultimate success? It is “to thrive” to become better.

That is why, CoPure has chosen to bring evolution for the Biotech and filtration business in Australia.  We have always been dedicated to offering our users a better and safer product through our wide range of filters, Single Use Technologies and other products supporting the Pharma, F&B and industrial applications.

Now, we have taken a leap forward. CoPure is now trying to push the envelope for betterment of branding.  We are now Copure. We have revitalized our brand to the latter.

If you ask us why, let us explain. 

Just like the continued development and upgrade of essential membrane filters, our brand needed to take a step to the next level. So, we’ve updated our name to be more aligned with the brand we represent and to the industries we work with and chose to become – Copure.

We have been keeping it pure since we started with pure products for sterile manufacturing and with products that keep your process pure from Filters to Single Use products.

What to expect from Copure?

We understand your process and will not only supply a product to you, but support you with industry knowledge, superior product and ongoing support.

With advanced technologies and science, we have excelled in launching premium Syringe filters, Pharma grade filters and Industrial filters for Australia.

Experience the difference with our products and services that are focused on providing you with purely the best option from Copure.