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Find Industrial Water Filters in Australia – Cartridge Filter

30, Jul 2023

The filtration process is crucial for multiple industries. With this process, the sterilization is complete. Cartridge filters help to improve purification and support the scalability of production processes.

With modern technology, the structures and types of cartridge filters have improved for better production on time. We understand the need for awareness related to the available water filters in Australia, especially in industrial use cases. This article will discuss cartridge filters and their usage.

What is a Cartridge Filter?

Cartridge filters are constructed from Polypropylene or other membrane materials and have large filtration surfaces. The filters are suitable for better filtration of large volume solutions.

The filter is made up of outer polypropylene material and is devoid of any adhesives or glues. To maintain no contamination factors, manufacturers avoid any adhesives.

Water filters have different membranes and pore sizes. They filter laboratory liquids, air, or industrial valuable small or large volume liquids.

Cartridge filters are ready-to-use. These filters can be used in many applications to prevent microbial and particulate contamination in gas and liquid.

Filters are available in both sterile and non-sterile options. The cartridges or capsules contain no glue or surfactants and some are designed with a series of layers to create depth for the filter to enhance the throughput and longevity.

In the Lab, capsule filters are used for better lab filtration. These filters are also suitable to scale up in laboratories, pilot plants, and small to large scale applications.

Types of Capsule Filters

There are many different types of capsule filters available in the market. However, some types of capsule filters are mentioned below;

Bricap Disc Capsule Filters

Bricap Disc Capsule Filters are small scale filtration devices developed to fulfill a wide range of lab or small scale requirements. Due to their small yet high-capacity design, these filters offer outstanding effectiveness in removing particles, bacteria, and pollutants from liquids and gasses.

Bricap Disc Capsule Filters are available in a variety of pore sizes and materials and provide consistent filtration performances, making them essential for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverage applications. Their user-friendly design allows for simple installation and repair, assuring maximum process efficiency and product quality.

Purcise Series Capsule Filters

In the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, Purcise Capsule Filters are very robust, with larger surface areas and high retention efficiency for particles and microorganisms.

L Series Capsule Filters

The L series capsule filters are more suited for larger scale industries like chemical processing, and Pharma/Biotech applications, as these capsule filters can ensure long-lasting performances and contamination control.

Cartridge Filters

These filters are used in various gas and liquid filtration processes, with different configurations such as string-wound, melt-blown and pleated. Industrial sectors like water treatment, chemical processing prefer cartridge filters, as they are suited for larger systems and are cost effective.

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